Improve dental services through outsourcing .

Dental IT support is fast becoming a need in the dental community. The use of new technology to improve efficiency and save time has seen the success of practices all over the world. In today’s competitive environment you need to improve the quality of your services and dental IT has managed to help dentists do that and so much more.

We will admit knowing what tech is best for your business and where to source it all can be a lot to handle. This is where outsourcing comes in. When you outsource your dental, it supports you are benefiting from a host of specialists that will guide you from selecting the right services for your dental business to getting the best dental technology money can buy.

Why do you need to outsource IT support for your dental office?

When you are running a dental business, you need all the time you can get to take good care of your patients. This time is hard to get when you also must be up to date with the latest technology and all the other business tasks that you need to take care of.

Outsourcing offloads your IT needs to trained professionals that are dedicated to making sure your dental tech is kept up-to-date and your business has the competitive edge.

What are the benefits of dental IT Outsourcing?

You save up to 70% on costs

Outsourcing allows you to make use of industry experts without the added cost of having them in your organization full time. If you outsource with SimbaSupport for example you are allocated one dedicated team member who will be assisting, you with all your dental IT requirements.

The best part is this dedicated team member will be working for you remotely so you will not be having the cost of machinery, healthcare, transportation and many other expenses. This means that you get a dedicated addition to your practice at a large saving.

Reliable IT Consulting

Outsourcing allows you to get reliable IT Consulting when you need it. This means that you have a dedicated team member who can research and advise you on the best dental equipment to buy and where to buy them.


A key benefit of outsourcing is the ability to get top tier training for you and your dental team. Outsourcing companies like SimbaSupport offer a wide range of software knowledge. This means that you will be benefiting from basic to in-depth training to improve your dental business.

Onsite Support

Outsourcing dental IT support is not limited to services on a virtual platform. SimbaSupport has a network of technicians distributed around the United States that can provide onsite support to solve hardware and software problems. Support provided can be through independent technicians or by reputable and authorised technicians recommended by the manufacturer. This means that your outsourcing partner will make sure your dental equipment is always kept in great shape.

Parts Purchasing

Machinery will at some point let you down, this does not mean you should be left stranded. Through outsourcing, you can purchase parts and accessories for your dental equipment.

Data protection

Your dental business data is important and needs to be safeguarded always, from accounting information to patient data there is a need to keep everything secured. Outsourcing helps you set up cloud services for your business. This gives you a well-maintained and secure backup for your dental business.

SimbaSupprt is a leading Texas-based in-sourcing company that provides virtual assistants and administrative support for dental practices. Moreover, we provide both short and long-term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.

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